"The Great Gift" - Vision Quest in Devon/UK (english)

Devon / United Kingdom
19.06.2023 - 30.06.2023

“May all the spirits bless you, for the way you showed me a way through and all you taught me. Such a great gift I carry in my heart, every day. I owe you a new life.” – excerpt from a letter we received a year after a vision quest

We discovered this enchanted and secluded valley in Devon last year and feel so fortunate to be able to run our wilderness vigil with this land. Immersed in ancient oak woodland carpeted with bluebells, open moorland, slow steady granite boulders and rivers (with beautiful wild swimming spots) this valley is so alive to itself. It is the perfect hidden gem for coming home to our wild souls and true nature.

We are living in the midst of change and uncertainty. Modern life can be overwhelming with its constant demand to do and have more, while the world around us starts to collapse under the strain. Many people are searching for a deeper sense of belonging, to re-connect with nature and community. The Vision Quest, in it’s modern form, offers an opportunity to remember our ancestral roots and our relationship with the land. At the heart of our time together lies a four day solitary immersion into nature to seek guidance. This is a unique way of opening up to a bigger perspective and reconnecting with what matters most.

Our time together during this phase will include:

Threshold times
Way of Council
Exploring with The Four Shields of Human Nature
Story-telling, mythology, poetry, music
Body-based practices to support centering and relaxed awareness (i.e. focusing…)

Natasha Lythgoe (wilderness guide, focusing coach, buddhist nun)
Werner Pilz (vision fast guide, council facilitator, mentor)*


Werner Pilz , Natasha Lythgoe


The Quest will be guided in english language. German translation could be occasionally provided. If you are in need of translation please contact us before signing in.

A minimum of 1 month before the program we will send you a Welcome Pack which will include logistical information and details about material and assignments for preparation at home.
We offer presence and if needed guidance one year long after the Quest for all our participants.

Further information:

If you’d like to know more do feel free to get in touch. We’re both happy to have a conversation about the details of this programme and our approach. To book or to make an enquiry please email

Werner at

Natasha at


Investment: £1195 (£395 non-refundable or transferable deposit due upon booking) (= 1400 Euro / 450 Euro) Dates: 19th - 30th June 2023 Places: max. 8 participants


Not included in the seminar fee:

Travel expenses: You will need to arrange travel to Devon / UK.
Feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Food: There will be a partly self-catering. More informations to come.


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