Sacred Fool – Heiliger Narr: Gastseminar mit Meredith Little

Gruberhof, Mittersill/Salzburg
27.09.2019 - 02.10.2019

The Trickster is honored and held sacred in cultures around the world. This Sacred Fool helps us step beyond the dualities and into the realm of creative imagination where there are new possibilities and shape-shifting flexibility to address a constantly changing world. When tradition and „truth“ begin to hold us captive as the world changes around us, the Sacred Fool shakes our frightened minds into creative disruption to open the way for discovering our full humanity and ability to adapt.

Trickster, amoral and possessing no values, stands at the threshold of duality and our basic assumptions as master of the making and destroying of the „rules“ that hold us back from appropriate action. All in the name of love for the people. Trickster will lie, steal, cheat and even die over and over again, for the benefit of the people and the ongoing health of life.

We are inviting you to celebrate the wisdom of the Sacred Fool who lies deep within each of us. Fools that we are, what happens when we release this master of illusion who is thought to have created the world with a lie?

Mornings we sit in council, afternoons is time to cross the threshold and go out on the land, late afternoons we begin to hear the stories in the big council, and evenings the rest of the stories are heard in small groups.

This workshop is held in English, part translation is possible. It is organised in Co-operation with Womenandearth, Susan Belz.

Fr. 27. September (18.00 Uhr) bis Mi. 2. Oktober 2019 (13.00 Uhr)

Spätestens 3-4 Wochen vor dem Seminar versenden wir an alle TeilnehmerInnen weitere Infos zum Seminar sowie zur Zimmerreservierung und Fahrgemeinschaftsbildung.

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Meredith Little



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Meredith Little

Meredith Littel,and her husband, Steven Foster,co-founded Rites if Passage Inc. in 1977 and The School of Lost Borders in 1981 – pioneering the methods and dynamics of modern pancultural passage rites in the wilderness, and “field therapy”. The essence of their work is captured in numerous books, articles, chapters, and an award-winning documentary film. Since Steven´s death in 2003, she continues both nationally and internationally to guide and train others in this work, while also founding, with Dr. Scott Eberle, a new arm of Lost Borders entitled " The Practice of Living and Dying". In this partnership with Scott she hopes to crack open the taboos surounding Death, and to help restore dying to its natural place in the cycles of living.



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