Alpine-Roses New-Moon, International VisionQuest, Macugnaga, Monte Rosa

Campus CreaVista, SymBIOasis Alpe Meccia, Northern Italy
09.06.2023 - 23.06.2023

Recovering self- awareness by reconnecting with reality: Your Wild Nature Planet.
Since time immemorial grown-up Native People, like You and Me – born from a mother´s womb – have consciously withdrawn from daily routine in their families, tasks and community-life, to remember who they really are. When all the daily routines of the Who-, What- and Where-Abouts are fading away, they were retreating into the wilds of the mountains, deserts or forests, seeking solitude for a deep and honest encounter with Life.
Fasting from food, contact and amenities has always opened their heart, their eye and the sensitivity to the beauty, resilience and power of the Natural Reality. Finding true home in your own indigenous heart… quite authentic and naturally!

Staying solo for four days, you reconnect to Earth, skin to skin with SOURCE of LIFE

The aboriginal nations of all continents knew such ceremonies as an extraordinarily powerful way of reaching out for meaning, self-healing; thus finding clarity in their maturity´s evolution, resuming deeper integration personally, socially, ecologically…

Today, in this time of such grave Crisis, fundamentally disrupting our routines, we all might become fully aware of the healing potential of those ancient ceremonies. Their enlightening impact is initiating an absolutely necessary quality of a grown-up human being today: the blessings of REAL MATURITY!

Maturity is a very precise definition of the pre-condition of Your Human Good Life! A Life of great intensity, built on and rooted in a solid ground of Self-love, Self-Reliance, balanced with Love, Respect and trust in ´Mother Earth´

What to expect for yourself:
In these times of change and transformation, a Ceremony like this can contribute significantly to your internal alignment and clarification, honoring and final separating from being locked to the past. About being free…
Simultaneously, your VisionQuest describes the courageous path of the ‚inner hero‘ from one completed stage of life to a more mature stage. Going out into wild nature, leaving the ´civilized sphere` behind, we suddenly face the reality of our own Living Truth. Reconnected with our natural self – which is genuine, fragile, authentic and powerful!


Helen Schulz , Eberhard Shanti Petschel


For the four days SOLO of your VisionQuest we will lead you into an extensive rocky landscape: open to the west – facing, mighty glaciers of Monte Rosa, (4670 m) and South – with waterfalls, breath-taking views, hidden ravines, hiding places, in the presence of knotty ancestor- trees! Fairy-land, rich in expression, form and color … where you go to meet the magic nights of June´s late crescent moon! Countless ´Alpine Roses`, just then, exploding in plump and pink bloom – so amazingly contrasting the fresh, delicate light-green of the new shoots of abundant Juniper and Larch trees…

Coming back from your solo-fasting, you will be feeling self-reliant and rooted profoundly, well connected to NATURE – an absolute natural result of such life-changing, deeply nurturing endeavor.
Accommodation and Catering:
We stay on Alpe Meccia, directly ín front of Monte Rosa, from day one to the end of the seminar. During the preparation for the Quest and the follow-up periods, after your 4-day Solo, You’ll live in your own tent in the beautiful larch-forest near our ´Alpeggio`, which is the centre for our communication – time with the group…
Our Yurt is a sacred, protected space in which we can sit in a circle around the common Medicine Wheel …

The camp is secluded in nature, with basic and simple structures such as dining circle, primitive benches, solar shower, compost-toilet and hammock-groves.
It is an approximate 90 min. walk from Macugnaga, or 30 min. from cable-car Alpe Bill


850.- € to 1800.- €, following your self-assessment (may be after the experience...)


Your hosts and experienced Quest Guides:

Shanti and Helen, with Enrico Scheider and Maya Flury

prepare you carefully for this Great Healing Challenge.
Faithfully they´ll keep the center of the ceremony, so that everyone can go boldly into the wild, to ´dig for his own roots` come back safe, sound, a good deal wiser.

…maybe after having gone through the exxperience yourselves, you add up…
plus what you consider fair, worth it after this VisionQuest-Event
Infrastructure, Accommodation (your own tent) and vegetarian catering: 390.-€ to 460.-€
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…please give us a call: Helen Schulz +49 173 7038671
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Campus CreaVista SymBIOasis

Shanti E. Petschel & Helen Ananda Schulz

Cascina LaValle
28011 Armeno, Piemont
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Helen Schulz

Jahrgang 1948, Ergotherapeutin, Leiterin und Dozentin des Instituts für Aquatische Körperarbeit/Freiburg,
Visionssuchebegleiterin, Ausgebildet bei School of Lost Borders ( USA), Medizinradarbeit `Pfad im Rad`.
Ausgebildet in ganzheitlichen Körpertherapien, Massagen und Tantra (in USA, CH,D). Lomi Lomi Nui Teacher bei Susan Pa´Inui Floyd & Serge Kahili King, Begleitung für Frauen in Krisen, Frauen- und Jugend- Seminare und Vision Quest. IAT-Practitioner (5 jährige Ausbildung in IAT =Integrative Aquatic Therapy (prä-, peri- und postnatale Schock und Traumatherapie im Wasser) bei Dr. David Saywer + Dr. Annie Brook)
Mir ist, besonders auch als Mutter und Großmutter, die Entfaltung menschlicher Potentiale in Richtung Verbundenheit, Vertrauen und Zuwendung das bewegende Anliegen. Ich tue meine Arbeit mit Freude und Hingabe, damit es eine lebenswerte Zukunft für die nächsten sieben Generationen geben kann…


Eberhard Shanti Petschel

„Shanti“ Eberhard Petschel,
Geb. 1949, Vater dreier erwachsener Söhne.
25 Jahre Praxis der Heilpädagogik als Heilerziehungspfleger.
Praktische Umsetzung klinischer Psychologie und der kreativen Gestaltung von Freizeit- und Erlebnispädagogik.
Ausbildung in „Prenatal Journey“ (Therapie perinataler Schock- und Traumazustände) bei Dr. David Sawyer und Dr. Annie Brook, Boulder, Colorado.
Westafrikanische Rhythmik bei Uhuru, Famoudou Konate
1994 KinoMana und Huna

Seit 1993 Leitung von VisionsSuche-Gruppen für Jugendliche und Erwachsene in alpiner Wildnis. Unterweisung von Semu Huaute, dem Medizinmann der Chumash Indianer; Ausbildung bei der SCHOOL OF LOST BORDERS, Californien, (Stephen Foster und Meredith Little).
Gründer u. Leiter „Campus CreaVista International“.
Derzeit lebt er in den Italienischen Alpen


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