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  • 13.03.2021 16:00 bis 19:00


Welcome!  I am so glad you found your way here.

I am offering an online Integration Council to revisit your Vision Fast/Rites of Passage/Wilderness Quest. Dip back into the mystery of your quest. Remember your intention. Connect with a circle. Hear with and speak from your heart and soul.  If your Quest was in English, feel the reverbaration of that language in your bones.

I am a bridge-builder and dream of connecting both sides of the Atlantic.  Many of you may have participated with the School of Lost Borders where I was trained.  I will extend this invitation to those having quested and living in the US as well.  Feel free to invite those who you are still in touch with to join you here.

We will smudge, sit in council, share stories and those courageous questions that, once spoken, will forever guide you.  We will mirror if that feels right. If so called, go on a medicine walk prior to this Council and bring those stories with you.

Please let me know if you are coming.  I will send a zoom link closer to the time.

The time indicated is in CET, it is 10 am - 1 pm EDT and 7 am - 10 am PDT.

With love and spirit, Christiane


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